Building Bridges

Building Bridges

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Hi English 103 Spring 2011 - read this

Hi English 103 Bloggers, I hope you're all staying healthy.

The blog project's purpose is to use technology (blogs) to teach each other about who is voiceless in our world today and help us to understand what it is they have to say. It is an unusual assignment because we're including technology is a new education venture.

I know I've asked you all to do something different with me and I am happy you've all cooperated so quickly, willingly, and with what seems to be enthusiasm. It makes me happy and hopeful. I figured that since I asked you to do the project, I should also do the same kind of project and learn with you. I've decided that I'll follow us in the classroom with the camera. In this way, we get to learn about our learning process. I believe that we will enjoy this journey of learning together.

As I follow the class on my blog, you'll get the chance to make comments, give advice and make suggestions.

What will my blog look like? With your permission I'll like to take photos and little video clips of the class in action; I'd like to do little interviews with willing participants; I'd like you to design questions to ask me for short little video clips. You can make suggestions about what I should photograph and video tape. We'll make this whole blog venture open to all of us.

As we work, I'm also doing another blog where I'm trying to think through my teaching. By that I mean that I'm trying to analyze my thinking using theory. It's a lot like the work we do in class. We read books and articles; we look at documentaries and movies and we're using them to help us think about the larger society; we're also using them to see ourselves and our actions as members of societies. I'm making that trip with you. I'm reading books and articles on teaching (theory), but I'm also taking a step back to see if I'm making the right decisions about the strategies I use to guide the process.

I think you'll understand it better if you decided to read it as we continue our semester. That website is

It's Friday the 11th of March. I emailed the class with requests to adject their blogs. I hope that this will help us to keep up our thinking about the blogs; I hope I'm starting a conversation. In my email I asked students to personalize the blogs and add their names.

On Tuesday, students will get into their groups and write up their plans. I plan to use my cameras to start observing our process and collecting information through questions and comments. I will tape the students as they discuss and write the plan for creating and fulfilling their blog projects.


  1. Great post Mrs. Bacchus the "insighters" really enjoyed all of your pictures in your blog. Looking forward to following your blog!

  2. Voiceless-Children are looking forward to reading your theory blog.

  3. -Nancy, Valerie, Oscar-

    We are looking forward to working with you on this amazing project. For some of us this is the first time that we step foot into the world of blogging. As new comers we are as hopeful and enthusiastic as you are about this project. We look forward to the new experiences and knowledge this journey will bring us. As a group we have decided to blog about the deaf community and culture here at SBCC. Our goal is not to give them a voice, because we could never do the community any justice, but to show students that they are as much a part of our community and culture and they can be just as loud as we are.

  4. I hope this blog will work as an inspiration to our own project and as a guide to any one who is having troubles in their life/voiceless. We will follow this blog and use it as a tool along in our english 103 class.