Building Bridges

Building Bridges

Sunday, March 11, 2012

The academic

In defiance of gatekeepers and as a form of resistance, I created this site.

I had no idea I was following tradition.  I was simply trying to find my way in a "tilted" world.  I was simply trying to breathe, to find air in the sufficating cloud of "hegemony."  It was a matter of survival as a self I could continue to recognize.

I will  be forever grateful to the many resisters - the many "maroon" actions - that paved the way for me to be possible.  And, I owe my life to the women who used their subjectivities, in spite of threats and for some even death, to name their realities and in doing so give meaning to mine.

The future is RIGHT NOW in the past.

Change is happening that quickly.  Today, in terms of technology and its effects on language and society, change is happening in weeks in relation to the past where change of the same kind seemed to span fifty to one hundred years.  It seemed to allow for a life cycle.  No more!  You are out of date in thirty to forty years and RIGHT NOW that might be at the age of 30. 

There are global implications that directly inform education; there are global realities that call for change in education; there are theorethical understandings that call for the recognition of education that happens outside of the "box."  And, one of those boxes is the classroom.

The task then, for me as an educator, is to find ways to answer the do we, myself and the students, stay in that box physically and at the same time step outside of it into the real world and become a part of that global conversation and global action?  All we have as our vehicle are our brains and that means we have the seven senses.  And, now along with the pen and paper as our tools, we have the computer, the internet, and software.

The computer is the most post modern of instruments.  Its use and outcomes are unpredictable in all ways.  It collapses time; it strikes blows at identity and status; it empowers the individual and the collective body.  It is an ongoing shape shifter; it allows for the creation of new identities and obliterates the importance of old ones.  It is a stage of many performances; its doors are always open and a variety of personas can cross many borders simultaneously.

The world's peoples are using technology for a variety of purposes.  The cell phone has connected individuals in remote places to opportunities that broaden their horizons.  The computer has given nations to ability to mobilize and demand governments to change and in so doing they have galvanized social action.  This is agency manifested; this  is power.  This is change grabbing opportunity.

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