Building Bridges

Building Bridges

Friday, June 10, 2011

Language, Literacy and Culture - an oral history project

The webblog was the first inspiration and the starting of this entire idea for collecting stories and then the idea expanded into collecting the oral histories of women.  The idea came to me when I had to complete a class in technology in graduate school.  As a student in education and a student with a reading credential I wanted to create a site that allowed students with various abilities and one that also allowed teachers with multiple interests to be involved.  I also realized that the internet allowed the project to include students and teachers across borders.  It was also my intention to allow for Frierian pedagogy and allow for the voices of social justice.

This post introduces the webblog (website and blog) which is the umbrella of all projects in this critical thinking classroom.
The webblog is dedicated to collecting the oral histories of women.  In a critical reading/writing classroom these stories are used as a bridge to writing the academic/expository essay.  Students learn critical thinking skills; they learn to form critical thinking questions; they become aware of social issues and focus on social justice.  The theme is voicelessness; students become aware of what this means; they become aware of multiple violences; they learn to use dialogue to convey their ideas, to build new ideas, and to contemplate solutions.

The blog is where students upload their stories and on the right is a list of teacher generated examples of what students can produce.
The student instructions on this webblog are now in four languages (Spanish, French, Portugese, and English) and more will be added.

The Blog experiment in an English 103 classroom.
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