Building Bridges

Building Bridges

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Final exam questions and answers for novel Monkey Hunting

Monkey Hunting by Cristina Garcia tells the story of the main character, Chen Pan, a Chinese man who, in 1857 at the age of nineteen, is seduced into accepting a job that promises him riches that he could take back to his home town and family in China.  Instead of riches Chen Pan finds himself in servitude/indentured labor and when he arrives in Cuba he is sold to a sugar plantation where he makes important relationships with black slaves; he falls in love with a beautiful black woman; she dies.   Eventually, he arrives in Havana and makes himself successful; he buys a black slave woman to free her and they fall in love and start generations of a family.

The book covers four generations of Lucretia's and Chen Pan's family and these family members take us back to China to deal with sexuality in the 1900s and to New York to deal with suicide and racism and from New York to Vietnam during the war to deal with death, prostitution and new life.

The students designed the final questions to be answered.  These questions came from their weekly thinking, use relevant quotations, and for them to make connections to society.

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