Building Bridges

Building Bridges

Monday, April 25, 2011

Trishawna's book extension - Breath, Eyes, Memory

Trishawna Fayerweather
English 103 Tuesday/ Thursday
Last chapter/book extension

After Martine's burial, Grandma Ife, Atie, Marc, and Sophie headed back to the house. It was quiet; no one made a sound all the way home. Grandma began to prepare super, and they followed along helping her out. Marc offered to help, but Grandma Ife declined his offer. Instead he looked through the house and went on a walk somewhere. On his way out Grandma Ife shouted, “be careful, and come back soon for supper.” This would be Sophie’s and Marc's last night before heading back to America, and Sophie would return to her husband and child and Marc would continue on with his life.

In the kitchen, Grandma Ife began to speak, “Its good you and Martine, worked out your difference.” Sophie nodded yes, trying to keep from crying. Atie comforted Sophie, and said, “You did a brave and good thing out there, confronting the problem, and setting your self free. You may be sad for a little but it will get better, you are a strong woman and your mother loved you.” Sophie hugged Atie and then they all continued cooking. Supper was ready fairly quickly, the table was set and they all set down to eat. Dinner was still quiet and slowly eaten; Sophie didn't even touch her food. “You going to eat Sophie?” Grandma Ife asked. “I am not really hungry," “well just try it its good cooking and you need to eat,” said Grandma. Sophie nodded her head, and tried some of the food.

It was long after when Marc returned. He sat down, said “thank you,” and begin to eat. In the face Marc looked as though he had been crying his tears out. He didn't speech much; he just ate, than excused himself from the table after finishing all his food, and went straight to bed. Time passed and Sophie was the last to leave the table, she cleared her plate and headed outside.

Out on the porch, Atie was sitting, she had her notebook, but it was closed and her head was down, she was crying. Sophie went to sit next to her. She lifted Atie's face and wiped her tears. “It’s heartbreaking she is gone, and it had to end like that, but she was miserable, she is at peace, and will no longer suffer," said Sophie trying to console Atie. "She loved us all though, she even told me in New York, how she wished you would've came to visit. She talked about you and her cruising the city, like you did in Haiti." Yes that would've been nice, and perhaps one day I will visit New York,” replied Atie. After that they sat in silence, as they both looked out into the night sky.

The morning shortly came, and Sophie and Marc prepared to leave. Sophie didn't want to leave but at the same time she missed Joseph and Bridgett. Marc said his finally words to Atie and Grandma Ife, gave them both hugs and thanked them for their hospitality. It would more than likely be their first and last time seeing him. Sophie followed behind him saying her good-byes too. “Kiss Bridgett for me,” shouted Atie. “Love you and be safe. Keep your head high Sophie,” said Grandma Ife. They waved in the yard as the van pulled off heading to the airport. Getting in the van, reminded Sophie of the time when her and Martine, went back to New York. Sophie and Marc didn’t talk the whole way to the airport. Sophie just thought about more memoires of her and her mother, and going to Providence again.

When they got on the plane, Marc finally spoke out to Sophie, “I don't know how many times I say this but I'm sorry about your mother, I am grieving also.” He continued to talk before she could say anything, “I really did love Martine, I wanted to marry her and have a child with her. I would have been fine if she didn't want to keep it. I just wanted her to be happy, I wish I could take it back and try something else to prevent her loss.” Sophie nodded her head, " yes that would've been nice if she was still here, it is not your fault, the problem was bigger than you me and her. I think she had in mind that she wanted to go; she could no longer continue living the pain she was going through. She loved you and I'm glad she had someone caring like you in her life." “It was nice to have met you, I wish you and your family the best of luck and I know you will do well in life. You have a good man too,” said Marc. “Thank you, but this doesn't have to be the last time we see each other.” Marc replied, “I think it better that way you continue your life and I'll do the same, I don't mean it in a hurtful way, it's just.” “I understand," continued Sophie. The conversation died off, and both fell asleep on the plane. Neither of them woke up until they reached New York. They stepped off the plane, but before departing Marc suggested Sophie come over to gather anything of Martine’s she may want to keep. “I’ll have to do that, but I can't right away, I will make a weekend trip with Joseph to do that." Marc nodded, gave her a hugged and went his way. Sophie went outside where her husband would pick her up.

Though it was a sad trip to Haiti she was happy to be home. Joseph was waiting outside near the car with Brigitte. Sophie reached for her and held her tight and Joseph hugged around Sophie tightly too. “Welcome back Sophie we missed you, and love you. Everything will be ok I am here for you to help you and be with you,” said Joseph. “I love you and I'm glad to be back." then they got in the car and headed back to Providence.

The week passed by fairly quickly, was back with her family, continuing her life. She, Joseph, and Bridgett were going to Martine’s house today to gather some things. During the week, Sophie had blocked out the fact that Martine wouldn't be there, but on the car ride there, the thought came back to her. She became sad as she went down memory lane again, and tears fell from her eyes. Joseph, who was driving, tried to console her. When they arrived Marc was standing in the yard. He had a blank stare on his face, and looked as though he had been out there for a while. The car pulled in the driveway; Sophie got out and greeted Marc while Joseph got Bridgett out the backseat. "Good seeing you guys," Marc said, “How you been holding up?" "Fine," answered Sophie. Marc spoke again and you Joseph?" "Good," he replied. They resumed talking as they headed inside the house.

Sophie went in first and looked around. Things looked the same, apart from Martine missing. Memories of the night of Martine’s death filled Sophie mind. The room grew quiet as she walked around the house. She went through all the rooms. Eventually she made it to the bathroom where the tragic scene took place, it had been cleaned. At the door Sophie stood, and envisioned Martine on the floor, blood everywhere, as her death grew near. The images and thoughts in her mind grew worse. In the background Joseph called for Sophie, she didn't answer, but he soon found her staring towards the bathroom floor. Joseph came behind her and held her close. Sophie came out of her daze and continued to Martine’s bedroom. The bed was made, the room was tidy, it smelled clean and had a scent of Martine’s smell lingering in the air. Sophie looked through the closet and held the hanging closed tight, it was almost as if she was hugging her mother again. She looked through Martine’s things. And soon begin to pick things, she wished to keep. Marc and Joseph helped out as much as they could.

After they finished, Sophie asked Joseph if they could stay one last night, before the house was sold. Joseph agreed, so Marc went to his house to bring things to cook for dinner. Marc brought some stuff for spaghetti. This was a meal that Sophie remembered Martine ate a lot. At dinner they all sat around the table. It was a good dinner. They talked of old times, made some jokes, and enjoyed each other’s presence like the last time they had dinner. Marc helped clean up before leaving, wished everyone a goodnight, then left. Joseph, Bridgett and Sophie all headed to Martine’s room where they all slept, in her mother’s bed. Brigitte, fell asleep right away in the middle of her parents. "She looks so peaceful," Joseph said. Sophie nodded yes. Joseph then kissed his daughter and wife, "goodnight Sophie, I love you," and shortly after he fell asleep.

Sophie was now up alone as she laid in the silent darkness. Memories still continued to fill her mind with thoughts of her mother. She thought about the time she moved to New York to be with Martine, the nightmares, the virginity test, when she moved out, building a new relationship, and more times they had together. Like Grandma Ife told Sophie, it was good she and Martine solved their differences. Sophie was pleased about that also. She wished she had more times with Martine. Sophie finally managed to close her eyes, though still awake. She began to hear what sounded like Martine’s voice in her ear. "Sophie, Sophie, I'm sorry my child to have left like that. Don't you worry Sophie you will do great in life, I love you Sophie, I love you and I am free and so are you. We shall meet up again one day. I love you Sophie I love you." The voice of Martine slowly faded away. Sophie opened her eyes, for she knew her mother had just spoken to her. She smiled and whispered back, “I love you too.” Sophie then closed her eyes and played the voice of her mothers’ words over again and again until she fell asleep.

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