Building Bridges

Building Bridges

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Student responses on blog - 4/7/11

I really appreciate the student responses and I am listening. Overall, the students feel that the project is worthwhile and that they enjoy the challenge.

Some of those challenges prove to be difficult or making things slow. The blog is new to us, to them, and it makes it a little confusing and slow.

What that means for us is that we stumble and run a little, but we keep going.

As I read the students' responses and honesty, I realized that what might make people wait is the fact that when we are together in the CAI lab we feel supported and encouraged and then we want to upload the work.

In the future we must have workshops. We need editing workshops so that people are not too shy to share. We all make writing mistakes and we must learn to help each other edit.

I agree with the student comment about the difficulty of setting the blogs up. What we can do before the end of the semester is write up the steps so that the next class has more information.


  1. We are really enjoying your new and challenging project! First, we were often forgetful about updating, confused with getting used to it, and also struggling with choosing our writing style because we have to consider how to express, write and choose appropriate vocab for our audience other than choosing article and editing and posting.

    reading some other people's blogs are very inspiring, and at the same time, we can also feel how the writer's personality, behavior, attitude, and also feeling toward what he/her has written on his blog.

    ANyways! we strongly think that this is a great opportunity for us to gain our writing/reading skills, and also new skills of handling technology to live in a modern world...

  2. Your post made me smile Generations. You describe my experience too. At least, this experience lets us know that we are learning something new. We will never forget. I've made arrangements for us to have more time in the CAI lab.